Tessa Thompson isn't ''precious'' about failure.

The 'Thor: Ragnarok' actress is incredibly ambitious and wants to try her hand at many aspects of the movie industry, and isn't worried if they don't all turn out as well as she'd like.

She said: ''I'm gluttonous - I want to do everything. Produce. Direct. I'm not precious in what I succeed and fail at.''

And the 34-year-old star wants to keep working for decades to come.

She told Grazia magazine: ''I want to be Jane Fonda, I want to be 80 and still working, still getting involved in interesting projects, still wearing amazing outfits. That's the dream.''

Tessa has been heavily involved in the Time's Up anti-harassment campaign and she's very proud of how far the initiative has grown and moved on.

She said: ''The Time's Up movement exists with or without us actors now, it's gone from Capitol Hill here in America to Pakistan, to Ghana ... It's evolved into a conversation about real, systemic change outside of the entertainment industry.''

While the 'Creed' star believes the movie industry is run by ''cis white men who ignore voices that aren't cis, white and male'', she has encountered a number of male allies, such as her 'Westworld' director Jonathan Nolan.

She praised: ''There's a lot of nudity on that set and he's created the most respectful environment.''

And when she first met with 'Annihilation' director Alex Garland, she raised the claims of misogyny directed at his previous work, 'Ex Machina', and they ended up having a ''fascinating'' chat about the subject.

She recalled: ''He bristled and looked uncomfortable, but we ended up having a fascinating discussion about feminism and filmmaking.''