An accredited reporter for Britain's Independent Television News and his cameraman were reportedly roughed up by police Wednesday as they covered a pro-Tibet protest in Beijing near the Olympic Stadium. John Ray, who is ITN's only full-time China correspondent, was reportedly wrestled to the ground, then removed to a nearby restaurant where police sat on his arms and one officer stood on his hand despite his declaration, in Chinese, that he was an accredited reporter. "It was very forceful, very rough," Ray told the Washington Post. His cameraman, Ben England, was also reportedly manhandled by police when he attempted to film the protest, and his equipment was confiscated. Both men were detained for about 20 minutes, then released. The International Olympic Committee said later that it would investigate the incident. Tessa Jowell, Britain's Olympics minister, told the London Times , "This was clearly a very ugly incident and is completely in contradiction to the assurances that the Chinese made about media freedom during the Olympics."