Actor/director Terry Jones' plans to reunite his Monty Python pals as aliens in a new movie have fallen flat, according to John Cleese.

Jones was hoping to direct Absolutely Anything, and bring his old comedy troupe friends on-board to voice extraterrestrials, but Cleese has revealed the movie project has stalled.

He tells the Los Angeles Times, "The truth is, I don't think any one of us knows what's going on. Terry rang us about 18 months ago and said, 'If we make this movie and I direct it, will you do a voice for it?' As far as I know, everyone said yes, and that's the last we heard about it."

He also fears the film - if it ever happens - will be the only way the Monty Python gang will reteam: "It is too difficult geographically. Dear old Mickey Palin, as I call Michael Palin, is forever travelling. He is always away doing his travel programmes. (Terry) Gilliam is either racing around the world trying to raise money or at film festivals or shooting something. He loves directing films.

"Jonesie (Terry Jones) is always doing the most extraordinary mixture of things. I think a few years ago he was directing an opera in Lisbon about carpet cleaners. And Eric (Idle) is very much based in L.A.

"We only get together occasionally. It's fun when we do. We always say we laugh more when we are together than we really do any other time."