British comedian Terry Jones has confessed Monty Python have deliberately cashed in on the success of The Passion Of The Christ, by re-releasing their own biblical epic THE LIFE OF BRIAN.

The comedian admits he and surviving Python co-stars John Cleese, MICHAEL PALIN, Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam brought forward the DVD release of the controversial biblical satire to May (04) instead of August (04) as originally planned to mark its 25th anniversary - in a bid to capitalise on Mel Gibson's box-office smash hit.

Jones explains, "We're definitely trying to cash in on Mel's enormous success."

When the Jones-directed Monty Python film was released a quarter of a century ago - it sparked huge controversy and calls for it to be banned.

Jones comments, "That was rather good, really, because it gave us a lot of publicity.

"It also gave us a great as line in Sweden, because the Swedes regard the Norwegians as having no sense of humour, and, as it was banned in Norway, the Swedish distributor ran a line that read: 'This film is so funny it was banned in Norway.'"

03/05/2004 13:56