Director Terry Gilliam has confirmed that he is again attempting to bring The Man Who Killed Don Quixote to the silver screen.

The former Monty Python member famously sought to tell a tale of the legendary Spanish knight nearly a decade ago, but found the shoot blighted by an incredible series of setbacks.

The leading actor Jean Rochefort suffered a herniated disc during the first week of shooting before sound disrupting from a nearby air base and a flooded set compounded matters, leading to the cancellation of the shoot and a huge insurance claim.

An acclaimed documentary, Lost in La Mancha, was based on the disastrous shoot to bring the iconic Cervantes character to the screen but, unbowed by his previous experience, Gilliam has now confirmed a new production will commence next spring.

Gilliam will work with Oscar-winning producer Jeremy Thomas, who described the project as "irresistible".

Only loosely based on Cervantes' original masterpiece, Gilliam and screenwriter Tony Grisoni conceived of a plot similar to Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

Their new take on the endlessly questing knight sees a filmmaker charmed into Quixote's world and unwittingly becoming his Sancho Panza as Quixote continues to search for his lady love, Dulcinea.

Gilliam told Variety: "I'm not so much a filmmaker as someone who gets possessed by an idea and it doesn't leave me until I make the film.

"I commit myself to it so fully."

And speaking at the Cannes Film Festival, his co-writer Grisoni remarked: "Nearly ten years on, I find myself lending a hand to get that crazed, giggling bedlamite back in the saddle. I'm talking about Don Quixote."

He told the Hollywood Reporter: "In spite of God and the devil, he shall ride again."

15/05/2009 09:35:45