Terry Gilliam is attempting to embrace technology after the release of two interactive Monty Python apps.
Fans can now download The Holy Book of Days app for the iPad or play with Python Bytes on an iPhone, but Monty Python legend Gilliam admits he has yet to get to grips with either gadget.
He says, "I've got an iPad, but it frustrates me, because it's not really a computer. Some of the things I want to do, I can't do well on it. I have this Bamboo Stylus now to do drawings on the iPad, but the nib is too big: I find it very cumbersome still."
Nevertheless, the actor/director admits he's impressed by the high-tech Monty Python releases.
He adds, "iPads are here, apps are here: there's no way of being a Luddite any more! You have to go with the flow... I'm impressed by both apps: the Holy (Book of Days) is very nicely done, with a lot of work put in to make it a nice-looking thing. And the iPhone app is really elegant - it's the way I want to see more of our stuff put out."
And Gilliam is happy to have a new outlet to reach Python devotees, quipping, "We're in this position of having survived, with people interested in any new iteration of Python, and if we can squeeze any money out of our fans, we're quite rapacious..."