Eccentric filmmaker Terry Gilliam isn't exactly looking forward to the upcoming Monty Python reunion, because he fears it will be a sad affair.

The beloved comedy troupe will hit the stage at London's O2 Arena in July (14) for a run of shows and Gilliam, who has become a moviemaker since the final Monty Python performance in 1980, admits he's struggling to get excited about the gigs.

He tells the Evening Standard newspaper, "I find it depressing that we're getting back together again. We worked so hard to get careers beyond it, to get to this stage, and now we're being dragged back again.

"It's good, seeing each other again, but then you realise that we're not as sharp because we like each other more - probably. There's none of the tension that existed before, which was what seemed to fuel the stuff. It's harder to do comedy now anyway: we're older, we've become the establishment we took the p**s out of. In the end, we sold out."

And he jokes, "It's too big a year of work. I'm not going to survive it. With any luck, the Python shows will be cancelled."