TWELVE MONKEYS director Terry Gilliam is furious with movie moguls HARVEY and Bob Weinstein for scrapping his ideas and undermining his authority during filming of his new Matt Damon movie The Brothers Grimm.

The powerful pair first ditched Gilliam's plans to cast Samantha Morton in the lead role in favour of lesser known actress Lena Headey, and then further enraged the former MONTY PYTHON star by sacking his cinematographer NICOLA PECORINI for working too slowly.

Tensions escalated to the extent that Gilliam refused to shoot for two weeks as he was so staggered by what he viewed as the Weinsteins' constant interference.

He fumes, "I'm used to riding roughshod over executives, but the Weinsteins rode roughshod over me."

But Bob Weinstein insists, "Any film involves the making of 10,000 decisions.

"If you only concentrate on the few we had issues with, you ignore the 9,997 we left to totally to Terry."