Director Terry Gilliam almost walked out during the final stages of filming The Brothers Grimm after an artistic disagreement with Miramax bosses.

Gilliam, who wrote and starred in the MONTY PYTHON TV series, refused to back down on his plans for the fairytale film's final edit.

The movie-maker only agreed to stay with the project after his obstinacy convinced HARVEY and Bob Weinstein, who financed the $80 million (GBP44.5 million) production, to trust him with the film's success.

He says, "They had their ideas, and I didn't think they were right.

"I've always been like this - pig-headed!

"I mean, if you're going to hire me, then you have to trust my instinct. If you don't trust my instinct, then I don't know why you're hiring me.

"It always ends up in these fights. I just fight to the death.

"I don't know if I'm right or wrong - I was just hired to do something.

"All I know is my mistakes are less bad than other people's."