Terry Gilliam is taking a break from the "difficult and unpleasant" process of moviemaking to direct an opera.
The filmmaker will take charge of The Damnation of Faust by Hector Berlioz in a new production for the English National Opera's (ENO) 2010/11 season.
And Gilliam is looking forward to the change of genre - as he finds Hollywood so tiresome.
Gilliam says. "If it doesn't work we'll blame Berlioz. It's just my perverse nature. I thought let's do an opera that's seldom been successful.
"I just liked ENO. It seems to be far more relaxed and playful and less bureaucratic. There's no pretension. I love the idea that it's not an opera house but (started as) a music hall.
"Moviemaking has become really difficult and unpleasant and everyone has been at me (asking me) to do opera for so long I thought maybe it was time."