Terry Gilliam blames movie mogul brothers BOB and Harvey Weinstein for the critical mauling his new movie The Brothers Grimm endured in the US.

The former MONTY PYTHON star insists the Miramax founders, who left the company in September (05), were too interested in masterminding their own career future to provide support for their movies.

And Gilliam insists he foresaw the film's flop, when he discovered the Weinsteins had failed to commission a release campaign just four weeks before the MATT DAMON-starring epic was due to hit screens.

He tells the New York Post, "Miramax was a big organisation and things would happen very quickly.

"But by the time Grimm was released, the back-up had all gone. The company bosses would snap their fingers and nothing would happen.

"They (the Weinsteins) seemed to be trapped in their own exit. They walked away with a lot in their pockets, but (many) films were abandoned. That's disgraceful.

"I hope Bob and Harvey are spending their pocket money happily.

"All I can say is, we made some noise. The film is at $103 million at the moment, so we're not a flop. It just didn't do what it should have done. In almost every country in the world where the Weinsteins or Disney aren't involved, it opened at number one. That is the irony."