Director Terry Gilliam insists he respects HARVEY and Bob Weinstein, despite clashing with the heavyweight producers for their constant interference in his new Matt Damon movie The Brothers Grimm.

The TWELVE MONKEYS film-maker initially distanced himself from the gothic tale after rowing with the moguls over editing - but soon conceded the brothers were right to cut the most elaborate scene.

Gilliam first clashed with the Weinsteins when they forced him to replace British actress Samantha Morton with lesser known star Lena Headey.

He says, "I had to let the air clear. Somehow, the film Bob Weinstein had in his head wasn't the film we made. All films are like this. You reach a point at the end when everyone is going crazy and starts talking about this 'one' thing that, if we can get it, will make everything right.

"It's bulls**t. But, after making TIDELAND, I came back for a few changes. Ironically, we ended up cutting out the most expensive scene in the movie.

"I didn't want to do it - but we did, and I have to admit it is better for it."