MONTY PYTHON star Terry Gilliam has relinquished his US citizenship, because he wants to die a true Brit. The US-born film-maker emigrated to the UK in 1967 and has held dual citizenship for thirty-eight years. But now the Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas director, who has thrown away his American passport, wants to die a complete Briton in honour of the country he loves. And, as a result, Gilliam will only be able to visit the United States for a month out of every year - but Gilliam, who is married and has three children with British make-up artist MAGGIE WESTON, is unconcerned. The 65-year-old says, "I've renounced my American citizenship because I've decided I want to die fully British. "You start planning for things like that when you get to my age. I'm a pensioner now so I get free rides on the buses and GBP200 in the winter for fuel. It's fantastic. This is a brilliant country and I love it."