Movie director Terry Gilliam has upset his north London neighbours with a mezzanine extension one local resident has slammed as "grotesque", while a building firm is chasing him over a reported non-payment.

The TWELVE MONKEYS film-maker angered his immediate neighbour JOHN SORRELL, who coincidentally is chairman of the UK's Commission For Architecture And The Built Environment, when he won planning approval to build the extension at his home in Highgate Village.

And, to add to Gilliam's woes, the company who built the addition claim he owes them $90,000 (GBP50,000) in fees.

Sorrell says, "We told Mr Gilliam we were horrified at his application and that it would be a real problem.

"The main objections were to do with building an extra storey on top of the existing building."

Another neighbour tells British newspaper the Daily Mail, "The glass extension is grotesque. It is quite clearly out of keeping with the building and the local environment.

"If people like Mr Gilliam want to build vulgar new levels on their homes, maybe they should do so underground rather they should do so underground rather than on the roof where we all have to look at them."

And ADRIAN STOREY, of builders EuroAluminium Systems, says, "We've got an issue with Mr Gilliam in relation to around GBP50,000 he has not paid."