British film-maker Terry Gilliam has outraged Hollywood studios by calling on illegal movie pirates to produce better quality DVDs.

The Brothers Grimm director insists the piracy isn't a problem for the movie industry, because it is rich enough to overcome criminal activity.

He says, "I'm not very sympathetic to their money problems because they certainly haven't been sympathetic to mine.

"When you look at the accounting sheets you realise you're never going to see a penny, so if someone wants to rip them off, that's fine by me.

"If you're going to pirate, make sure the quality is good. Have respect for what you're pirating!"

Fellow British film-maker Michael Winner is furious with Gilliam's comments, calling pirates the thieves of the film industry.

He says, "It's ridiculous to suggest artists - including Terry Gilliam - should be ripped off by thieves.

"It's stealing work and stealing money, not just from the studios, but from the people who made the film."