Actor Terry Crews' wife has made her musical debut with the release of her first song Can I Stay.

Rebecca Crews premiered the track on Wednesday (09Jul14) and is planning to release a smooth jazz/inspirational album in October (14).

She says, "While I wrote this song as a dedication to God, I also wrote it in a way that others can relate to. The lyrics say, 'When I'm in your presence, I can't breathe...' Well I feel that way when I'm with my son as well. It has elements of family love, romantic love and spiritual love. So yes, to me the song is about God, but God is love and love is everywhere.

"This music is long overdue. I have been busy tending to my big family, my larger-than-life husband, and producing a hit reality show. Now that the kids are older and things are looking up for us, I know the timing is perfect!"

The couple, which has five kids, starred in U.S. reality show The Family Crews for two seasons until 2011.

The Crews wed in 1990.