Hip-hop group THREE 6 MAFIA have vowed that their performance of IT'S HARD OUT HERE FOR A PIMP during Sunday's (05MAR06) Oscar ceremony will be suitable for a family audience. The songwriters have reworked the lyrics of their controversial Oscar-nominated song, which was performed in the film by Terrence Howard. Singer JORDAN 'JUICY J' HOUSTON says, "We took out all the cuss words, dotted some 'i's and crossed some 't's. It's going to be a clean show. "You can let your kids watch it, and they don't have to wear ear muffs." The Memphis, Tennessee band will be the first hip-hop group to perform during the Oscar ceremony. Houston considers it bad luck to prepare a thank you speech before the ceremony saying, "I'm not gonna jinx myself. "If I was to win, then I'll just deal with it when I get on that stage."