Terrence Howard's ex-wife claims he threatened to commit suicide earlier this year.

Michelle Ghent, who secured a temporary restraining order against 'The Butler' star last month after filing a police report saying that he beat her during an argument in Costa Rica, has filed new court documents, stating that the Oscar-nominated actor allegedly threatened to kill himself with an X-Acto blade after she found phone numbers of six women in his bag during a trip to Toronto, Canada, in April.

In a new sworn statement, obtained by the New York Daily News, she said the 'Hustle & Flow' star initially denied any knowledge of the phone numbers when she confronted him but claims he flew into a rage when she called the women and he confirmed he had been flirting with some of them.

Michelle, 36, alleges that Terrence threw her computer out of a window and grabbed her arm, causing her to fall on the ground.

Her papers then state: ''He grabbed an X-Acto blade and put it to his wrist as if to cut himself.''

She claims he reached for the ''belt on his robe and displayed attempts to hang himself'' but then threatened her saying: ''I'm just thinking if I should kill you first before killing me.''

The new paperwork also includes text messages the actor allegedly sent to Michele, apologising for his behaviour and promising to seek help.

The 44-year-old actor, who has three adult children, previously said he is ''heartbroken'' over the domestic abuse allegations and strongly denies attacking Michelle.

The former couple were married in January 2010 and divorced in May 2013.