Movie star Terrence Howard insists tragic actor Heath Ledger should win a Golden Globe Award, no matter what, in January (09).
Ledger was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor prize on Thursday (11Dec08) for his portrayal of The Joker in The Dark Knight - and Howard is sure he'll win.
And if he doesn't, the Crash star feels the award should be donated to the dead star's family.
Howard, who was among the stars announcing the 2009 Golden Globe nominees, tells, "I'm sure he will (win). Even if someone else won in his category, if I had won in that category, I would give it to his family because he truly had the best performance.
"He gave more than I have seen any other actor give, he brought a new light. How do you step into Jack Nicholson's shoes? How do you do that and stretch that? He stretched Jack Nicholson's shoes."