HUSTLE + FLOW Oscar nominee Terrence Howard has signed on to star opposite Jodie Foster in thriller The Brave One.

Foster plays a woman who struggles to recover from a brutal attack, and sets out on a dark mission for revenge.

The SILENCE OF THE LAMBS star says, "I like morality tales and I like the idea of watching somebody descend from a place of pain to a place of immorality and how they got there. So it's a movie about a vigilante."

Howard will play a cop who has a tough choice to make.

Foster may have had a hand in casting, since she is reportedly a big fan of Howard's.

The actress reveals, "I love Hustle + Flow. I've seen that a couple of times now. I think that it is really great. It's a beautiful script. Beautifully acted, beautifully cast. Terrence Howard is just one of the great discoveries of film-making now."