Actor Terrence Howard suffered the ultimate humiliation as he trained for new swimming movie PRIDE - teenagers poked fun at his physique. The HUSTLE + FLOW star hit the pool with Jim Ellis, the celebrated coach he plays in the film, and quickly realised he couldn't just paddle about in early-morning sessions. He recalls, "He put me in the water with these kids that he works with every morning, 15-year-old kids, and this little girl... said, 'You swim like a wounded animal.' "She did her flip turn, came out: 'And you're fat too.'" The harsh criticism gave Howard the incentive to shape-up for the role and he hired DARRELL FOSTER, the trainer who turned Will Smith into fighting-fit form for ALI, to put him through his paces. He adds, "I was determined to swim well and I can boogie in the water now." But, no matter how hard he worked out, Howard fears he never looked good in his Speedos. He muses, "No man looks good in blue panties... They were sky blue panties and it was a cold day... all your secrets (are) out."