Terrence Howard dubbed Richard Gere 'Yoda' on the set of their new movie THE HUNTING PARTY after the Buddhist actor gave him life and guitar lessons. The Crash star, who is an accomplished musician, struggled to play basic Ramones songs on the guitar - something that was required of his war cameraman character. So he asked fellow guitarist Gere to help him, and became impressed with the Pretty Woman star's teaching skills. Howard recalls, "He's the most incredible guitar player and he's got a real knack for running scales. I'm a big chord man and he taught me a lot of great scales. But he also made me push myself to be better. "I asked him to do a couple of scales for me in a song and he forced me to learn them myself so he's a great mentor. But that was just privately." Howard admits that learning to play Ramones songs has made him despise the punk icons: "I used to like The Ramones until this movie." Meanwhile, Gere has also become fond of his new co-star, admitting to WENN, "Terrence is a character. He's a real original and he's fun because he's a goofball. He used to call me Yoda."