LATEST: American football superstar Terrell Owens has blasted reports that a hospital visit in Texas overnight on Tuesday (26SEP06) came as a result of a suicide attempt. The Dallas Cowboys athlete was rushed to hospital when his publicist called paramedics to his home after she noticed him acting strangely following an intake of prescription pain medication. Early reports suggested a depressed Owens had attempted to take his own life, but the sports star held a press conference yesterday (27SEP06), insisting it was all a big mistake and he'd simply taken too many pills to help ease the pain of a finger he broke during a recent football game. He said, "I'm not depressed by any means... There was no suicide attempt. I went home... I took a couple of pain pills and then I had a physician over treating my hand. "After that, I was just groggy a little bit and I kinda took some extra pills with my supplements."