Terminator: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES actress Lena Headey has been blasted by fans and feminists for her physique - because she is too "emaciated" to portray the series' action heroine. The British actress plays Sarah Connor in the TV spin-off based on the sci-fi film franchise, which featured the muscular Linda Hamilton in the role of a cyborg-battling renegade. But the 34-year-old has come under fire for her slim figure - which some critics insist is a dangerous example of the body-conscious Hollywood's increasing approval of emaciation. Kym Lambert, a spokeswoman for The Sarah Connor Charm School, an online fan group which claims it is "an art project focused on physical feminist empowerment" says, "We were very upset to find out that a very thin and non-athletic actress had been chosen out of, supposedly, hundreds to play a role that we as physical feminists found so inspiring. We see this as yet another example of the media trying to inspire women to be thin, to 'keep our place' (as in not take up too much room) and to keep us from being strong. "The premise of physical feminism is that women are just as capable of defending ourselves as men, that the concept that we are weaker than men is a cultural myth rather than a physical reality. And Hamilton's portrayal of Sarah Connor was a key media icon for that belief."