Teri Hatcher is set to appear in the tenth and final season of 'Smallville', playing the mother of Erica Durance'S 'Lois Lane', a character she once played herself, reports Entertainment Weekly. 45-year-old Hatcher spent four years playing Lane in ABC's 'Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman', but the star will now play the mother of Clark Kent's soul mate. In recent years, Hatcher has been mostly recognised for her leading role in the multi-award winning series 'Desperate Housewives', in which she plays 'Susan Mayer'.
In a move that Entertainment Weekly are calling the show's 'biggest casting coup', producers have coaxed Hatcher into appearing in one episode of Smallville's final season. She is set to star in episode eight, entitled 'Abandoned', which will see Durance's 'Lois Lane' find some old videotapes of her late mother Ella, however, further details of Hatchers specific role are yet to be released.
Series ten of the Emmy Award winning drama series is due to premiere tomorrow (24th September 2010), although little is known about how the show will come to a close after almost ten years. Tom Welling plays Clark Kent, a young man with superhuman abilities, who attempts to discover his place in life after discovering he is an alien.