Teri Hatcher's father has accepted his part in the actress' child molestation hell, admitting to the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star he should have been more affectionate towards her. The actress stunned her parents when she came forward to testify against her uncle Richard Hayes Stone after he was linked to the suicide of teenager Sarah Van Cleemput in 2002. Stone was accused of molesting the 14-year-old in 2002 but there wasn't enough evidence to jail the pervert until Hatcher plucked up the courage to come forward and reveal her uncle had molested her as a child. Hatcher insisted on anonymity when she testified against Stone, but she recently went public about the ordeal in an interview with Vanity Fair - and that prompted her to sit down and talk to her parents about the whole thing. And she was left speechless when her father blamed himself, in part, for childhood problems that led to her molestation hell. She says, "He said that he really consciously, because of his upbringing, withheld affection from me because he didn't want me to be a brat. "He told me, 'I feel now that if I hadn't done that, maybe you wouldn't be such an open victim to somebody giving you attention.' "It was a great jumping-off point between us. I genuinely wanted to hug my father and my mother... It felt like a great release and a great feeling."