Teri Hatcher was shocked during an appearance on THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno on Friday (16FEB07), when she was shown a videotape of former US President George Bush patting her on the behind. The Desperate Housewives star had lunch with Bush in Los Angeles recently and had no idea why media reports were making such a big deal out of a friendly lunch. When the talk show host asked her about their relationship she joked, "That's my other boyfriend. We were having lunch talking about a charity thing that I'm involved in with him and MRS BUSH. "When we left the place, one of the things we had been talking about at lunch was that I got this new Mercedes. So when we left, he wanted to see my car, so he walked me to my car. "Somebody caught some video, I haven't seen it." When Leno insisted that the former president "patted her on the a**" Hatcher said adamantly, "I don't think that's true. You would think if the president patted you anywhere you would know. I don't recall the president patting me." Leno then played the footage, which showed Bush patting Hatcher on the behind twice while telling her goodbye. A stunned Hatcher squealed after watching the tape, "Now I see what everybody's been talking about!"