Actress Teri Hatcher is planning to spend three hours celebrating her birthday today (9DEC05), after work commitments got in the way of her marking it yesterday (8DEC05).

The screen beauty, 41, shot scenes on the Los Angeles set of Desperate Housewives yesterday morning, before jetting off to New York City that afternoon to promote the hit TV show.

She says, "About eight o'clock in the morning they brought out a cake and everybody sang Happy Birthday.

"Then somebody said, 'Well, blow out the candles,' and I said, 'But there aren't any,' 'cause the fire marshal wasn't there and you can't light a fire on the set without a fire marshal. And it was eight o clock in the morning, which is really too early to be eating cake. But it was the gesture and it was great.

"I ate cake on the plane on the way (to New York). I had a vanilla sundae, with the chocolate sauce and the whipped cream and the little rolled up cookie.

"And then I realised (once I arrived, that) I was actually gipped out of three hours of my birthday. Basically, I worked all morning, got on the plane, flew (to New York), landed at like 10pm, got to my hotel and my birthday was over, because I lost the three hours. So I think three hours today will be my birthday."