Teri Hatcher is bemused by reports she shunned a $10 million (GBP5.2 million) offer to pose in Playboy with her Desperate Housewives co-stars - because she'd have happily taken the job.

It was recently reported that Nicolette Sheridan, Eva Longoria, MARCIA CROSS and Felicity Huffman rejected the offer to strip for the men's magazine on their co-star Hatcher's urging.

But Hatcher admits the offer would be far too tempting to turn down.

She says, "I didn't hear that offer, because if I had, I'd be in Playboy! I mean, really, everyone has a price and $10 million is mine. So I've put it out there.

"(My cleavage) you get for free. I mean, it's not much further."

21/05/2005 02:12