Teri Hatcher went home and cried after the Desperate Housewives' infamous photo shoot for the May (05) issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

In April (05), writer NED ZEMAN claimed there was a disagreement over Hatcher's position in the shoot, saying, "Teri Hatcher absolutely was not to be in the centre of the women. There had been some tension on the set over who's getting the awards and who's getting most of the magazine covers - that would be Teri Hatcher."

Zeman claimed redhead MARCIA CROSS had been screaming at the ABC publicity team over the way the shoot was going, leading to speculation Cross and Hatcher did not get on.

However, Hatcher explains, "Honestly I don't recall crying (during the shoot) - it would've screwed up my make-up.

"I'm pretty sure I cried when I left... feeling hurt and maybe picked on.

"I really care about all the girls. Nobody wants to work that way. There are lots of reasons someone behaves how they do."

Hatcher also takes the opportunity to slam the media's sexist reporting, for alleging female co-stars never get on.

She says, "I bet there was a day on ER when Anthony Edwards went, 'Why's George Clooney getting that scene?' but I don't know that anybody wrote it."

09/06/2005 21:10