Sexy actress Teri Hatcher's love life has been given a boost, after comedian JAY LENO set her up on a date with a dentist she's been admiring from afar.

Hatcher, who now stars in the hit comedy series Desperate Housewives, recently admitted to Leno that when she saw DR WILLIAM DORFMAN on the reality show EXTREME MAKEOVER, she decided to look him up on internet search engine GOOGLE.

And Leno tracked down Dr Dorfman to Sweden, where he's attending a convention and asked him to leave a special message for Hatcher.

In a taped message which Hatcher listened to on Leno's chat show on Friday (19NOV04), a flatted Dr Dorfman said, "It's so ironic, because last week I saw your show and I said to all my friends, 'I would love to meet that woman. She seems so sweet and down-to-earth and she's so beautiful.'

"As soon as I get back in town, Jay promised he'd give me your number, and I will give you a call."

But now a coy Hatcher says, "I'm quite at loss because I just need my teeth fixed. I've got a cracked veneer and there's multiple reasons to go see Dr Dorfman. He seemed nice.

"I'd go out with him, but if it doesn't go well, will he still fix my mouth?"

Hatcher has rejected Leno's offer to have a film crew tape their first meeting.

22/11/2004 09:26