LATEST: Teri Hatcher decided to sue over a report that she had sex with men in her van when she learned that she was accused of leaving her daughter unsupervised during the alleged romps.

While the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star was upset by a British tabloid's claims that she regularly romped with men in the vehicle in front of her Los Angeles home, she was infuriated when she heard that she'd supposedly left her eight-year-old daughter EMERSON all alone during the sessions.

She says, "I like to think I bite the celebrity bullet and I sort of put up with the gazillion things they say that aren't true.

"But for me, in this particular area, it wasn't just that they said I had sex in my van - which is bad enough - they said that I left my daughter alone in the house, unsupervised, to go have sex in the car and that I do this all the time.

"To me, that's parental neglect and I've made it very clear that being a parent is the absolute number one priority in my life."

She adds, "I think there's plenty of salacious, true things you could say about people in Hollywood. You don't have to make it up."