US tabloid the NATIONAL ENQUIRER has become the first publication to issue an apology to DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Teri Hatcher for printing an extract from an interview editors believe never took place.

Hatcher has sent her lawyers after publications who alleged she has sex sessions in the camper van that sits in her driveway, while her young daughter EMERSON plays alone yards away in the family home.

The actress has fiercely denied making the comments about her sex life and plans to sue the British publication which first ran the story.

But Enquirer editors have decided to honour Hatcher by printing an apology in the new issue of the tabloid and naming and shaming the freelance journalist who sold them the alleged interview.

In a printed statement, the publication's bosses claim, "We believe that the purported 'world exclusive' interview by PATRICIA NOLAN was fabricated and the story was false.

"Therefore, we withdraw and retract the statements in that article. In particular, Ms Hatcher has never engaged in sexual relations with men in a van parked on her property, nor does she leave her child alone in her house while having 'steamy romps' with men in a 'passion wagon'. Ms Hatcher only uses her van for camping trips with her daughter."