LATEST: Actress Teri Hatcher has hit back at the bosses of a cosmetics firm suing her for breach of contract, insisting she complied with all their terms. Legal papers, filed by executives at Hydroderm skincare in Los Angeles on Tuesday (04Dec07), claim the Desperate Housewives actress promoted other beauty items, despite the fact she was paid $2.4 million (GBP1.2 million) to solely advertise Hydroderm products. And now angry Hatcher is responding to the suit insisting the allegations are "totally false and completely without merit". She insists she's the victim of the business deal because management changes at Hydroderm constantly left her unsure of the contract. In a statement, the actress' lawyer says, "Clearly, Hydroderm has embarked on this unjustified and public assault on Teri Hatcher's good name, reputation and celebrity in a transparent and pathetic effort to distract from its own failure to live up to its end of the agreement. "Ms. Hatcher will respond swiftly and decisively by appropriate legal means to recover everything she is owed under her contract, as well as compensatory and punitive damages for Hydroderm's outrageous accusations."