The Australian star plays Andrew Garfield's love interest in the war movie and she insists that despite all the testosterone on set, her director went out of his way to make her feel comfortable and help her "construct" her real-life character.

"He was wonderful," she tells LatinoReview. "It was so refreshing, working with him.

"It was my first time experiencing the idea of an actor's director, coming from the perspective of a director who had had so many years of acting experience, that he just understood how to communicate with me, and how to meet my needs and how to create a safe space for me to explore. I haven't had that before with a director.

"I would highly recommend that all directors try the experience of acting for themselves because it can be a very vulnerable process, and Mel really understood it and he just knows what it takes to transform yourself into another character and live and breathe somebody else, while also trying to balance your real life. It's a really complicated and complex process, but I felt so supported in it because he just knows what it feels like."

Teresa was also impressed with Gibson's knowledge of her character, Dorothy Schutte, insisting he was always there to guide her through any issues she had becoming her.

"He trusted my instincts and was this gentle guide and really understood my character. He knew my character so well. I keep saying how refreshing it was, that he understood all the things she was navigating. Being a very masculine man, to be able to understand and get underneath the psyche of a 1940s woman of great faith falling in love for the first time was pretty remarkable."

And Mel positive attitude on set kept the shoot upbeat and fun, despite the fact much of it dealt with the horror of war: "He’s so jovial. He really is a ray of light, of sunshine," the actress adds. "He is so funny and upbeat and knew everyone’s name that he worked with on his 200 plus crew. He was so respectful and just a really delightful human being. I really was very pleased with my experience."