Veteran actor Terence Stamp dreams of moving back to his native London, but fears he can't afford to buy a suitable property in the British capital.

The Superman star has not owned a home in 30 years and now divides his time between staying with friends in America and living in properties owned by his sister-in-law in Switzerland.

Stamp stays in hotels when he returns to London, but dreams of buying a house in his hometown.

However, the actor admits soaring property prices have left him unable to afford a luxury property in London.

He tells Britain's Es magazine, "My favourite (hotel in London) is the Savoy, but I often can't afford it. The absolute, honest truth is I would love to come back to England, but my taste has exceeded my earning capacity by so much that whenever I see something I like, I am millions short. And I can't really go back to Plaistow (an impoverished district of London), you know."