XXX-rated porn star Tera Patrick has so many crazed fans she regularly calls her rocker husband Evan Seinfeld to frighten them off.

The sultry beauty has attracted hordes of male and female fans around the world after starring in such titles as LOOSE SCREW, FOOT LOVERS ONLY and ASIAN STREET HOOKERS 7, but some of them can be a little too much for her to handle.

Seinfeld explains, "Once or twice a week, I get 'the call'. This is an emergency caused by a public Tera sighting where a crowd has gathered and she can't get away.

"It's not like an ordinary celebrity sighting. Her fans have sexual encounters with her on their minds, and they're not prepared for their fantasies to be rejected in real life.

"Last week, she was pinned down in a Victoria's Secret dressing room. I got over there right away, and let's just say that at 5 feet 11 inches and 200 pounds, with tattoos from ears to toes, I make a pretty imposing figure. Those who don't recognise me from OZ or my band are usually scared s**tless."