X-rated screen star Tera Patrick has given her rocker husband Evan Seinfeld permission to go out and receive oral sex from other women.

Porn beauty Patrick, who once made an adult movie with the Biohazard bassist, still has onscreen sex with women but has stopped having sex with other men since marrying Seinfeld - and her husband isn't allowed to have full sex with other women.

She tells FHM, "Evan and I are monogamous. I draw the line at a blow-job, because that's where my comfort level is. I don't try to rationalise it.

"Who knows, maybe 20 years from now he could be full-on f**king girls on camera if our comfort levels change."

Seinfeld adds of his wife, "If I asked her to have sex with another man because I thought it would be good for business, she'd probably divorce me.

"She once said, 'I'm glad you want to only be with me, because if you wanted to pimp me out, I would think that you didn't respect me.'"