Porn star Tera Patrick decided her rocker husband Evan Seinfeld was the man for her after seeing him naked in TV drama OZ.

Patrick, real name LINDA ANN HOPKINS, started to feel down as her X-rated career skyrocketed, because she questioned whether she'd ever be able to find true love.

She says, "I was going through this phase of 'Who's gonna love me?'.

"What guy is going to take me home to his mother and say, 'Hey, Mom, this is Tera. I really love her. Isn't she amazing and isn't she beautiful and, by the way, she was filthy whore number 52 in ASIAN STREET HOOKERS 12'?"

While crying in bed one night, Patrick witched on her TV and saw an episode of Oz, in which Seinfeld happened to be naked.

She tells FHM, "I saw his penis and I was like, 'Wow, who's that?'"

Patrick tracked him down and they eventually went on a date.

She adds, "I got into the car and he instantly grabbed my t*ts. I pretended to be scared. Then we went home and didn't get out of bed for four days."

The two have been married since 9 January 2004.