Tenacious D rocker-turned-actor Jack Black brought hit comedy School Of Rock to life this Tuesday (09JAN07) when he chose two youngsters to perform with his band at a gig in New Zealand. The funnyman, who turns a class of classically-trained school children into rock stars in the 2003 film, spotted the pre-teen street musicians in the Christchurch area on Monday (08JAN07), where he was due to play a concert with bandmate Kyle Gass. Stunned by MAX TETLEY and ALEX PHILPOTT's talent, Black asked the boys to be the supporting act for Tenacious D's show the following night (09JAN07), where the excited duo performed their cover of Bob Dylan's ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER. Drummer Tetley, 11, says, "I was just trying not to wet myself, honestly." Guitarist Philpott, 10, who describes the experience as "so amazing", adds, "We'll be scoring heaps of chicks!"