Raymond Teller is suing another magician for ripping off one of his tricks.

A lawsuit has been filed in the US state of Nevada against Dutch entertainer Gerard Dogge, who Teller - best known as one half of magic act Penn and Teller - claims took the idea for his trick Shadows, which he copyrighted in 1983.

The proceedings concern a video uploaded on to the internet by Dogge, which shows him performing a work entitled 'The Rose and Her Shadow', posted with an advertisement offering to sell the magic trick for $3,050.

Teller instructed his lawyers to send a takedown notice and contacted the entertainer by phone to request he ceases his offer.

In addition he offered to give him money to do so, but Dogge refused and wanted additional money, which consequently led to the lawsuit.

The trick involves a flower in a vase being placed on a table between a spotlight and a screen so that it casts a shadow.

Teller then takes a knife to the shadow and proceeds to trim the silhouette and the flower.