Mirthala Salinas, anchor for KVEA, the Telemundo Tv station in Los Angeles, who was identified as "the other woman" in the break-up of the marriage of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, was suspended without pay for two months Thursday for allegedly continuing to report on the mayor's activities and marital problems while engaging in an affair with him. Ibra Morales, who oversees the Spanish-language network's local stations, was reprimanded, KVEA General Manager Manuel Abud was reassigned, and News Director Al Corral was suspended in the wake of the scandal. In an internal memo, Telemundo President Don Browne observed that Salinas and the station's management had flagrantly violated journalistic standards. "While the content and accuracy of KVEA's newscasts were not compromised," he said, "our news policy standards with respect to conflict of interest were clearly violated." In an interview with today's (Friday) Los Angeles Times, former ABC News correspondent Judy Muller, who now teaches journalism at USC, said, "I don't know where [Salinas] goes from Telemundo. ... A reporter only has her credibility, and once that's sullied you have lost your value to your news organization."