The 35-year-old Canadian twin sisters, who are both openly gay, say that throughout their career they have had to put up with sexism and homophobia, including writers implying that because they are both gay they may be in an incestuous relationship.

Tegan believes that the accusation of incest came about due to people projecting their own sick fantasies on to the pair.

"The incest thing was actually two incidents," she tells British newspaper The Guardian. "We were twins, I think people fetishised it. But there was a lot of homophobia and sexism.

"The indie community is primarily white, hetero(sexual) males. And we're not. So, we were lumped into that community and then written about by people who didn't relate to us."

The Boyfriend singer is disgusted by some of the reporting they have had to put up with from male writers over the years, and says her sister would often personally contact journalists to forcefully object to things they had published about the band.

"Men are gross," Tegan explains. "Honestly. And the media are gross. But some people make honest mistakes. We've met writers who would say, 'I'm so embarrassed'.

"And Sara was so brave - she would go against the wishes of our publicist and reach out to the writer and say: 'What if this was your sister? Or mother? What the f**k is wrong with you?'"

Despite their anger about sexism and homophobia within the music industry, Sara does not believe that they have exhibited courage by being open about their sexuality in their music.

"I don't feel brave because I sing about dating a girl or because I sing about not wanting to get married, I really don't," she sighs. "For me, bravery is being a doctor or a teacher or a politician and standing up against f**king guns. That is scary s**t. Compared to that, I think what we do is pretty light and silly."

The duo's latest album Love You to Death was released last month (Jun16).