Fire officials shut down a Teen Choice Awards pre-party in Los Angeles on Saturday (21Jul12) after a faulty fog machine left six partygoers needing hospital treatment.
Boy band Midnight Red were gearing up to perform at Hollywood nightclub Avalon ahead of the awards ceremony on Sunday (22Jul12) when the venue's fog machine malfunctioned, spraying large amounts of carbon dioxide into the air.
The hotspot was later evacuated pending further investigation and six fans were taken to a hospital with minor injuries.
Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey says, "Along with respiratory irritation, a few patrons who contacted dripping liquid from apparent heavy use of smoke effect have superficial burn (injuries)."
The singing group has since taken to to apologise for the mishap, writing in a post, "We are fine... Sorry to all that we couldn't perform. Only thing to blame for cancellation was the club's bad tempered fog machines (sic)... Fans rule. Smoke machines do not. Glad everyone is ok. Love you."