Actress SUSAN ST JAMES still can't bear to touch her son's clothes 15 months after the teenager was killed in a plane crash.

Teddy Ebersol was among those killed in the 2004 tragedy, which his father and brother survived.

And the McMILLAN + WIFE star admits she's still struggling to come to terms with the disaster.

She joined her family on yesterday's (02FEB06) OPRAH show in America to talk about the tragedy, and confessed, "I've never touched his clothes, I've never been able to move his things."

Teddy Ebersol was aboard a chartered Canadair CL-601 Challenger jet with his father, DICK, and brother, CHARLIE, on 28 November, 2004, when it crashed during takeoff in light snow and freezing temperatures in Colorado.

But St James' husband, TV sports boss Dick Ebersol, insists the family is getting through the tragedy by recalling the heroics of his eldest son Charlie.

He told Oprah Winfrey, "He not only got me off of the plane... he ran back into the plane... to look for his brother one more time, not knowing that his brother wasn't on the plane.

"He lived through hell for two days 'cause somehow or other he thought he hadn't found his brother and it wasn't until they found Teddy's body which was under the plane... that he knew that he had done everything he possibly could do."