Ted Williams is set to star in his own reality show entitled 'Second Chances at Life'.
TED WILLIAMS, the 'Man with the Golden Voice' who was discovered begging at the side of the highway in early January, is set to star in his own reality show, reports the New York Daily News.The 53-year-old Brooklyn native will begin shooting 'Second Chances at Life' in two weeks' time and the show will document how Williams went from having a promising radio career to being homeless in Ohio. Williams' representative did not provide any further details on the show, but noted that there would be an announcement soon. Despite rising to fame earlier this year, the voice-over actor has been out of spotlight since he entered a treatment facility around 12th January 2011 for drug and alcohol dependency. He appeared on the Dr Phil show and confessed that he had been drinking since his rise to fame. A show insider said, "He admitted he was not as sober as he claimed to be and that he was ready to get help".
Since being discovered by an Ohio newspaper journalist, TED WILLIAMS has reunited with his mother live on television, been offered an announcers job with the Cleveland Cavaliers and taped a commercial for 'Kraft MACaroni and Cheese'.