Ted Williams, the homeless man from Ohio who has risen to fame after showcasing his 'golden radio voice', reunited with his mother after ten years apart on yesterday's instalment of the Today Show (6th January 2011), reports People Magazine. The 53-year-old has become an overnight Internet sensation after being discovered by a Columbus videographer begging for change at the side of the highway.
In an emotional reunion, Ted embraced with his 90-year-old mother Julia and afterwards said, "I was just gone. We didn't even say anything. Man, it was like a dream finally came true". Williams has been offered a number of high-profile jobs since being filmed performing an off-the-cuff radio voiceover several days ago but he insists that nothing compares to being back with his mother. Ted had worked as a radio announcer before an addiction to drugs and alcohol left him homeless and his mother has warned him of slipping back into the same lifestyle, telling him, "Please don't disappoint me. Hold your life together. Just don't let things fall apartment when you fall in with the wrong people".
The 53-year-old has reportedly been approached by the likes of MTV and ESPN for possible voiceover work and he is also set to voice the ads for 'Kraft MACaroni & Cheese'.