Media mogul Ted Turner has blasted the politicians who sent US troops to war in Iraq, claiming the invasion ranks among the "dumbest moves of all time". The CNN founder, who was married to actress Jane Fonda, made his comments at a Reuters dinner in New York City as US President George W Bush addressed the United Nations General Assembly less than a mile away. Turner told the gathered media at the event that the US invasion of Iraq has caused "incalculable damage", claiming it will take 20 years to overcome. He barked, "It will go down in history, it is already being seen in history, as one of the dumbest moves that was ever made by anybody. A couple of others that come to mind were the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor and the German invasion of Russia. "You don't start wars just because you don't like somebody." The outspoken billionaire also used the occasion to defend the right of Iran to have nuclear weapons and the effectiveness of the United Nations. He called Bush's plans to demand Iran abandon its nuclear ambitions "a joke", adding, "They're a sovereign state. We have 28,000 (bombs). Why can't they have 10? We don't say anything about Israel... or India or Pakistan or Russia. "Really, nobody should have them. They aren't usable by any sane person."