Ted Nugent has attacked Idaho casino bosses who have axed his upcoming show at the Worley venue over his outspoken views.

Coeur d’Alene Casino owners cited the rocker's "history of racist and hate-filled remarks" when they pulled his upcoming date (04Aug14), and now Nugent is firing back, claiming he has become a victim of America's liberals over his anti-Barack Obama and pro-hunting beliefs.

He tells Radio.com, "They literally have an army assigned to destroy Ted Nugent. To call me a racist is a clear act of desperation. Because everybody knows I’m not a racist!

"My bass player Johnny Gunnel happens to be a black guy. My bass player Marco Mendoza was born in Mexico! Are you kidding me? I pay tribute to Martin Luther King in my songs, I’ve always said my music is a direct result of Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, and all the black musical heroes of my life."

Further attacking what he calls the "sick, stoned, hygiene-challenged (director) Michael Moore fans", the Cat Scratch Fever rocker adds, "They call in and complain that I’m a racist, they claim I’m a paedophile, that I dodged the draft. They call all the promoters, they call all the venues, they call all my sponsors, every day. Meanwhile, what am I doing? I’m going to rock my a** off tonight. And tomorrow night. And the next night."

Nugent is currently touring to promote his new album Shutup & Jam!