A festival has been ordered to pay Ted Nugent $100,000 (GBP52,631) in damages for cancelling his June 2003 concert.

The CAT SCRATCH FEVER singer slapped bosses of Michigan's MUSKEGON SUMMER Celebration over the cancellation of the show, saying in a festival news release at the time that he was wrongly accused him of making racist remarks.

Nugent's concert was cancelled after he used a slur offensive to African-Americans during a live interview on a Denver, Colorado, radio station in May 2003.

During the trial, Nugent testified that he had used the word while quoting a black Motown musician's compliment to then-teen Nugent in reference to his guitar skills.

Yesterday (31MAR04), a Muskegon County jury found that festival organisers breached their contract with Nugent.

01/04/2005 21:00